Warriors of Sunlight

Another Dark Souls related art. This time depicting Solaire in a splash art style.


This is my tribute to my absolute favorite game series, Dark Souls. Dark Souls 3 is, I think, a triumph of game design.

The Gathering Storm

My tribute to The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and finished by Brandon Sanderson. The Gathering storm has such an iconic, epic, scene where Rand Al'Thor finally throws off the darkness that's been plaguing him for several books. He basically decides to chill out, and accept his fate.

Goblin Rocketeer

My entry into an Hearthstone (Blizzard Ent.) art contest. I didn't win, but I really like the result anyway. The fire was especially fun, but I really think I achieved new heights with my rendering capability in this piece.

I Am The Fire

A tribute to A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as Game of Thrones. I didn't have anyone specific in mind for this fight with a White Walker beyond the wall. This is also a semi-master copy of a painting by Samwise Didier. I really wanted to try this composition for myself.

Rangers of Refuge Harbor

I purchased a neat isometric dot notebook and started drawing all kinds of crazy buildings, which I imagined were built on marshland, jutting out over a river. Eventually I gathered them together and added some creature design, a story about the rangers that protect them, and a kind of indo-dutch fusion.

Veiled Oasis

On the other side of the marsh from Rangers there is a rather harsh industrial society trying to carve a place out in the vast deserts.


I thought to myself; Indiana Jones meets Alien.

Light in the Dark

One of my favorite personal paintings. I tried a very scratchy, sketchy, style which I very much liked. I grew more refined from here, but I'm integrating the sketchy style into my newest paintings.

Midnight Cathedral

This was done at about the same time as Light in the Dark as a project for a university class. I've always enjoyed the perspective and kind of ludicrous style of this. I stopped before adding color due to lack of time, and I think that was a great accident.

Galvanic Binding

My tribute to Patrick Rothfus's excellent Kingkiller Chronicles. From the second book, when Kvothe goes a little crazy and calls lightning down (through a galvanic binding) on a great big tree to try and kill Cinder.


Skybreach Canyon

One of my first paintings, and practice with perspective. I drew and rendered the entire piece in pencil before scanning it into photoshop and kind of watercoloring in color. Still one of my personal favorite pieces, though I've since lost the original file!